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21-Dec-2017 14:18

Another man I dated for a few months got annoyed that I couldn’t spontaneously go to London for a long weekend because I had Josh.Sorry, but weekends away for me require months of notice and military-style planning.Aside from the obvious safety issues, nobody expects child-free, single women to be happy with dates in their own living room, so why should I settle for that?I want to meet for coffees in lovely cafes, enjoy walks along the beach and go on amazing nights out that don’t end until the sun comes up.Gradually I introduced him to Josh, and I also felt like I could trust him with my post-baby body.That’s another part of hook-ups I’ve found difficult – someone who isn’t the father of my child (and therefore has no obligation to be kind) seeing my body.

But I soon got the wind knocked out of my sails when I opened up to friends and family about my newfound love life.Their comments made me feel that my desire for dating and sex meant I wasn’t measuring up as a mum in some way.But I seriously doubt any single dads ever receive the same type of criticism.I’m not sure what a man is his late 30s was expecting, but I sincerely doubt he’s found it yet.

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Then there was the guy who wouldn’t accept that I’m only free every other weekend and wanted to come round to my house once my son was asleep.I learned to keep quiet about my dating adventures and largely ignored the so-called ‘advice’, but I soon realised that meeting new men isn’t quite the wall-to-wall fun I’d imagined.

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